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Why does my data need to transfer from China to another country when I use this Microsoft product?

When using Microsoft products that are specifically offered in China, Microsoft will transfer some of your data from China to another country or region to process the data and to make it possible for the product to work as expected. Refer to your product documentation for info on what data is processed by Microsoft (and not locally in the app or on the device) for the products listed below. If you do not agree to the data transfer, you can choose to stop using the product. Refer to the terms of use for your product for refund eligibility. For info on returning a product to the Microsoft Store, see

What happens when my data is transferred?

For this product to work as expected, Microsoft needs to transfer your data for processing to a location in another country or region where Microsoft operates, including – but not limited to – the United States. Microsoft Corporation or its affiliates will process and protect your personal information in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement. If you need to exercise your rights to access your personal data, contact us as described in the Microsoft Privacy Statement at

What products does this data transfer apply to?

This data transfer occurs when you use certain Microsoft products that are specifically offered in China. For a complete list of products that require data transfer, go to

Note: This list does not include Microsoft products that use a different consent process or products that are not specifically offered in China but may be incidentally available to someone in China via the global internet. See the appropriate terms or product documentation regarding data transfer for those products.

For more info about privacy and Microsoft products, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement at