BELUXCHAM – Meeting the Belgium Ambassador to Vietnam october 2014 ho chi minh city

BELUXCHAM – Meeting the Belgium Ambassador to Vietnam
On Friday October 5th, we had a lunch meeting with the new Belgium Ambassador, Mr. Paul Jansen, has been held at Belgo Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.
BeluxCham is the Belgian – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. It’s an independent, non – profit, non – commercial, and professional association. With support from the Belgian Embassy, this organization has served the Belgian and the Luxembourg enterprises and individuals in Vietnam over past 8 years.
In the meeting, the BeluxCham’s representative expressed his sincere thanks to BeluxCham’s members for sharing the information during last Friday’s meeting. He also appreciation for the attendance of Mr. Paul Jansen and Mr. Mark Neel.
During the meeting, they expressed their desire to promote the relationship between Beluxcham and the Embassy and strengthen Belgian companies’ operation in Vietnam. Finally, they didn’t forget to wish Mr. Paul Jansen a successful term in Vietnam.
In addition, there will be an annual meeting between Beluxcham members and the Ambassador of Belgium. This event is expected to be held at the BU office at the office in the nest month. The Beluxcham’s members are looking forward to this annual event. It gives them a great opportunity to exchange views on the overall state of the Vietnamese economy, as well as their expectations towards the Embassy.