Is Major Depressive Disorder Curable? problems of “MDD” 

What is depression? Can it be cured? Methods to combat as well as prevent depression? Levels of depression and tips for people with depression?…


Depression is a mental illness and it is very different from the emotional state of fatigue and boredom. If the disease is not treated early and properly, it can lead to negative changes in thinking and behavior. So can depression be cured? Does it heal on its own?

What is depression?


A lot of people misunderstand depression. Depression is an illness with distinct symptoms, not a mere expression of depression or weakness. In medicine, depression is defined as an emotional disorder, a mood disorder common in psychiatry. Depression is really a mental illness, a disturbing emotional disorder

This is an extremely dangerous psychological disease, it is not the direct cause of the consequences, but it is the cause that motivates the patient to do it. If the disease is not detected and treated in time, it can cause many severe effects on work, daily activities, relationships, health, even harmful behaviors to oneself and others. people around, the most serious is suicide.

To date, there have been many cases of suicide due to depression in all ages. The good news, however, is that depression is treatable. In many cases, some patients who receive timely treatment have returned to normal happy lives. However, there are also some people who have to receive treatment for a long time to gradually get better.

Can depression be cured?

According to psychologists of NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center, depression is completely curable. However, the cure time is fast or slow, the effectiveness is high or low depends a lot on the decision of the patient.

Before starting treatment for depression, the doctor will perform diagnostic measures and determine the severity of each person. In particular, depression is divided into 3 main stages: mild depression, moderate depression, and major depression.

Treatment of mild depression

At this stage, the treatment is mainly through changing daily living habits, being positive in thinking without resorting to the support of antidepressants. However, if you have tried to get rid of the disease with home remedies but have not yielded satisfactory results, soon seek the support of a psychologist.


Treatment of moderate to severe depression

Treatment of depression in these two stages must be performed by a qualified psychologist. The doctor will give an appropriate treatment plan after accurately diagnosing the severity of the disease. At the same time, the treatment will also be more complicated at this time, combining many methods such as psychotherapy, using Western medicine combined with Eastern medicine, meditation, yoga, changing healthy living habits, regime eat science… Even, many serious illnesses require hospitalization for monitoring and treatment.

Using drugs, psychotherapy are two methods commonly used to treat depression

Among them, the use of drugs and psychotherapy are the two most commonly applied treatment methods. Medicine helps to control the symptoms of the disease, while psychotherapy helps the patient learn how to get rid of negative emotions, strongly face difficult situations, thereby changing the long-term psychological structure.

Specifically, the use of antidepressants for how long, how much should be prescribed by the doctor. Usually, it must be used in both phases, which is an attack treatment (lasting about 6-12 weeks) and maintenance therapy after controlling symptoms, the drug will help prevent disease recurrence.

Psychotherapy needs to be done at a reputable, professional and reliable large center to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Psychotherapy Prestigious Psychological Center

Psychotherapy methods at NHC Psychotherapy Center do not use drugs or body interventions

NHC Vietnam Psychological Center is one of the leading and pioneering units in the field of psychotherapy, improving mental illness, especially depression. Implement therapeutic interventions for both mind and body diseases by combining mind science, therapeutic science with traditional medicine and pharmacy and other factors around natural laws and cosmic laws to bring Comprehensive physical and mental health for people with depression. The team of psychologists and staff at NHC Vietnam are always professional and dedicated.

When coming to NHC Vietnam Psychotherapy Center, customers will receive:

Supporting companion in the process of treating depression and mind-related diseases at the root without causing any complications or side effects. Absolutely do not use drugs to treat or any invasive intervention to the patient’s body. Supports the most natural recovery of physical and psychological health.

Does depression go away on its own?

Whether depression goes away on its own is a question many people ask. In fact, there are also cases of depression and self-healing. This case occurs mainly in people with mild disease, when the symptoms are not complicated and the patient has a strong enough psychological foundation to be able to step out of the negative thoughts of depression. cold.

However, that is only a small and rare number. The rest, most cases of depression have to resort to intensive treatment measures by doctors or accept to live with the disease for life.

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