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windows 8.1 enterprise startNot since the launch of the Windows Vista operating system has there been so much negativity about the latest upgrade of Windows for consumers. But is it really justified, or is it simply misinformation and/or the lack of information that has driven large swathes of the business community to avoid it thus far?


Setting the Record Straight

windows 8.1-for the recordA lot of the negative feedback seems to have stemmed from a number of reviews that have centred their attention on the design of the user interface on the start screen, which mimics a tablet. Other uninspiring reviews have mentioned the disappointing lack of current applications available in the app store – however, this really only boils down to window-dressing and fads, which are after all, only incidentals. When it comes down to the new operating system itself, Windows 8.1 Enterprise offers several advantages (as one would of course expect) over previous releases. These advantages include:

  • Enhanced security

  • Faster start-up

  • Easier data management

  • Improved stability

Let’s now drill down a little further into each of these components.

Enhanced Security

enhanced securitySecurity is a major concern for most enterprise level businesses, so the enhanced security functions that Windows 8.1 brings with it, will be welcomed.

  • Boot-up Malware Check – Microsoft have planted a 3rd party piece of software programming (this in itself is a revelation) that seeks out any malware present, into the start-up routine, creating a trusted boot-up procedure. It’s a clever move because this makes it inaccessible to prying eyes, and protects the rest of the start up procedure, and therefore the device itself. But that’s not all….

  • Boot-up time measurement procedure – Once the trusted boot procedure has been deployed, Windows 8.1 goes on to actually measure other elements of the boot-up procedure. It then uses these measurements, and compares them to known data which is stored in the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip. In a networking environment, (present in most enterprise level organisations), a process known as remote attestation can then take place, whereby a remote server can check the device’s integrity before allowing it onto the network.

  • App Disabler – The new “AppLocker” function gives IT managers the ability to police potentially harmful and non-company-approved apps, and prevent them from running. A set of rules can be created (and modified as necessary) to check things such as who downloaded the app, and what signature the app package carries.

  • Reputation Checker – Windows 8, has introduced something called “SmarSscreen app reputation”. This new safety feature checks the reputation of any new application it comes across when the user is browsing the Internet. It helps to block any malware being downloaded, and also helps to prevent viruses from sneaking through. It works with Internet Explorer’s similarly named SmartScreen feature, which blocks any attempts to obtain personal data such as the username, passwords, and financial data

  • Access Limitation Control – Windows 8 grants IT managers the ability to fine-tune employee’s access to certain pieces of sensitive corporate data. So, for example, purchasing staff could have access to supplier account information, but not data relating to staff salaries. The criteria used to filter this accessibility can be changed by IT personnel as and when necessary.

All of the above new features in Windows 8.1 will be welcomed by most enterprise level businesses, as they not only increase corporate security, but also enable authorised IT personnel to apply and change criteria, which helps to keep security current.

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