Eurosphere 2017

This is the right EU Networking. We were proud to be selected, and we think we will promote this!

Antonio Coelho Lima
Amalia Home Collection

Eurosphere 2017

I appreciate the fact that to organise this kind of event for the first time is hard!!! I found the EVBN manager and team are very responsive, rather accurate and generous.

Dror Lam

Eurosphere 2017

Although it was the premiere event of this type in Vietnam, the organisation was spotless. All the staffs did their utmost to satisfy all our needs as exhibitors. The B2B meetings was well organised and scheduled according.

Paul de Clerck
Louis de Poortere

Agrofood Trade Mission 2016 – 2nd edition

Rachid Gacem

Thanks to this mission we were able to leave with one first order, as well as previsions with 4 distributors. We also did a TV interview and presented our products on the national television on the 18th of March 2016.

Rachid Gacem

Agrofood Trade Mission 2016 – 2nd edition

Marco Luzzati

We sincerely think that the level of people that work in EVBN is really high, the organisation is good and they really are doing the best to create business between Europe and Vietnam, an example to follow!

Marco Luzzati

Agrofood Trade Mission 2016 – 2nd edition

Brian Mc Ardle

You introduced me to some excellent people. Now it is up to me to do the rest and I will.

Brian Mc Ardle

Agrofood Trade Mission 2016 – 2nd edition

Lorcan Barden

In advance of the trip I had a target to get one customer to take our products in Vietnam, after the meetings in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi I feel that we have a great chance of achieving this and starting to sell our products in the market. The information sessions were also extremely useful in pointing out the steps to be completed before we can sell our products to Vietnam. I will keep you informed of our progress.

Lorcan Barden

10th European Food Festival


Thank you very much for your detailed report email, giving us an overall view of the 10th European Food Festival. As far as I can see from the photos, the festival went super well and everyone was having a good time. We’d also like to thank you one more time for all the great support and sure will take part in the next festival. 

Christina Birba
Kremel SA

Green Technologies Trade Mission

Being a company that works within the environmental field, and having to deal with ministries and big contracting companies within the waste management market, it is not always easy to build bridges and have access to them. The opportunity to assist to such event under the EU umbrella have been of big help to us, and made it easier to key companies in the sector. The EVBN staff and management have been so helpful and collaborative, and this is definitely what led to the success of this mission. Nothing to say on how to improve, as the standard of their service is already high.

Charif Lafqir
Atarfil SL

Both HCMC and Hanoi events were well organized

I would like to thank EVBN team for their great work. The meetings were very interesting and well targeted to My French Room companies. Both HCMC and Hanoi events were well organized, some of the meetings were a bit messed up due to Vietnamese prospects not showing up on time but that is not fault of EVBN, who did their best to accommodate extra meetings when available. We ended up meeting 23 companies instead of the 16 initially planned of the schedule (which is a great news!). I did manage to secure one order for one on my company on the next day meeting the prospect, so that should be good for the future. 

Benjamin Humblot
My French Room


This was the first time joining a mission and I was really surprised for the professional. It was handled well with the quality of majority of contacts I had. I think that 45 minutes for both parties introduce themselves and explain their needs was too short, but also this may had been a good compromise in the tight schedule we had to meet as much companies as possible.

Paulo Trancoso
Amorim Revestimentos, S.A.

Lifestyle Trade Mission 2015

The EVBN team is absolutely gently, professional and helpful. The B2B session was very well organised.

Claudio Fulgini

Des contacts “qualifiés” par votre équipe

Je vous adresse ces quelques lignes juste pour vous remercier de votre accueil et votre professionnalisme.

J’ai été agréablement surpris par la qualité des contacts “qualifiés” par votre équipe.

Continuez ainsi, vous avez une équipe formidable

Buon Tan - Director

A great and efficient mission for our company

Many thanks again for all and all EVBN team! It was a great organization, and an efficient mission for our company!

Yves FAURE - President/CEO Team Principal

First step for our good business experience

Visit point of sales

It was an amazing experience these last days and we really hope this could be the first step for our good business experience in Vietnam.

Goncalo Lisboa – Export Area Manager

Everything was really organized on a top super premium level

It has been an amazing experience and everything was really organized on a top super premium level.

Thanks for your time, taking care of us and for organizing meetings with the Vietnamese partners.

Denis Lance - Export Sales Manager

B2B meetings were good both in method and content

Thanks your team for the organization of the AGROFOOD mission in Vietnam, I must say everything was professionally well done and can consider myself more than satisfied.

(…)  I can say the B2B meetings were good both in method (well organized and precise schedule) and content (valid contacts and well presented in your informative documents).

Luigi Gagliardini - Export Manager