The Mekong Delta is one of the most dynamic economic regions in Vietnam with much potential for economic development:

  • Current economic growth up to 10%
  • 3 of its Provinces ranked among the top 10 provinces in Vietnam
  • Regional leaders being proactive in the development of the region

While the agriculture and aquaculture sectors have been of great advantage to the Mekong Delta for many years these are not now the only sectors with high growth rate:

  • Development of the retail sector with the increasing demand for consumption due to rapid economic growth and local incomes increase
  • Development of tourism with a significant number of tourists and investors seeking for investment opportunities
  • Development of trade and services sectors

Nevertheless, the Mekong Delta is not yet known by many investors as an advantageous region for investment in energy and infrastructure:

  • Many huge projects worth a billion of USD in thermal, wind energies and sea ports being currently undertaken

On November 30 2015, a MOU between CCIFV, EVBN and Can Tho region and MOFA was signed in order to strengthen and boost the economy between two countries.