Star Trek Picard’s Enterprise-F: From Games to TV

Who Designed the Enterprise-F?

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After months of entries, it was announced that the new Enterprise would be represented by the Odyssey-class, inspired by design entries from Adam Ilhe. The Enterprise-F entered Star Trek Online’s story in 2012. In Star Trek Online, the Enterprise-F has had a few tweaks since its debut, being re-fitted as a similar Yorktown-class vessel in 2016. It will be updated once again for its appearance in Picard, with Star Trek Online a rt d irector Thomas Marrone having made updates and tweaks to the game’s 3D model to pass on to the Picard VFX team.

It’s not actually the first time the Odyssey has appeared connected to Picard though—the ship’s design appeared as the USS  Verity in the prequel comic Picard: Countdown, the ship helmed by Admiral Picard during the Romulan supernova crisis.